Fitness For Mums in Brisbane. Personal Training with Babysitting if Required.

Nerida Smith Exquisite Fitness

As a mother of two young children in Brisbane, I know the difficulties in finding time to do anything for yourself, let alone exercise.

I wanted to create an opportunity for mums in Brisbane to enjoy the outdoors, get into a routine and get fit and healthy with like-minded women, without the worry of stopping to change nappies, re-dummy, entertain, or chase kiddies away from impending dangers….

After having my first baby, I was still able to participate in some personal training sessions with my trainer as my baby could sit in a pram and (if I was lucky) watch or sleep while I worked out. However after the arrival of my second bub two and a half years later, I really wanted to get back into fitness, but found it very hard with an extremely active toddler!

I was not interested in paying huge upfront gym fees, and preferred to exercise in the outdoors, with the support of a personal trainer who would encourage me and take a personal interest in my fitness and progress.

I also found that being in a routine of participating in a group fitness class three times a week with other women in Brisbane, was a fantastic routine for my son to be in as he loved the play and stimulation with the other kids at the park.

I want you to start prioritising yourself again, feel good when you look in the mirror, stop being self-conscious when you are wearing swimmers (if you even still attempt to wear them!), stop struggling to do up your jeans, stop feeling depressed when you want to buy clothes and stop reaching for the chocolate after you attempt to buy clothes!!!

Mums… Start fighting for a fun, active life! Let me help you feel like the old you because I guarantee that once you have done a few sessions with me, you will see and feel a difference and you won’t look back….Get yourself and the bubs out in the fresh air and get fit and active so you have the energy to be a fun and healthy Mum!

Classes will always be held despite the Brisbane weather as I do not want you to lose focus and motivation – There are plenty of under-cover spots for both you and the children if needed.

Fitness For Mums Brisbane with babysitting.


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