Beach Body Challenges Brisbane

Beach Body Challenges

If you really want to increase your results, and be encouraged and surrounded by like-minded people, then our 6 week beach body challenges are for you.

You will be joined into a private forum where participants will keep each other motivated and you will receive constant support, encouragement and advice from Nerida.

Whether you want to decrease your body fat, increase your muscle and ‘tone up’, amp your fitness up to the next level or just be held accountable for your goals, these Challenges will help you do all of that and more.

When you sign up, you will receive a participation booklet, which will outline the structure of the challenge. The Challenges are structured so that anyone can win, not just those that have a lot of weight to lose. You receive points for various tasks you undertake, some compulsory and some bonus. Everyone weighs in at the start and conclusion of the challenge, with measurements also taken so you can see your progress at the end of the 6 weeks.

One of our biggest success stories on these Challenges, has been Eddie Rae. Read about his story below and contact Nerida to secure your place in the next Challenge.

“Let me introduce you to a client and friend, Eddie. The first picture of Eddie was taken at the commencement of the first beach body challenge he did with me… He was over 100kgs and did pretty much no exercise. As part of the challenge, participants had to complete 5 laps of 104 superrrr steep steps. It took Eddie over 20 minutes and he couldn’t walk properly for days and was taking nurofen so he could walk down the stairs at his home. Eddie took first place in the first challenge, having lost 10kg… The second photo is at the start of the second challenge, which he also won… The last photo is Eddie today, over 30kg down. There is probably about 7 months between the photos…if you have ever thought you were too unfit to start bootcamp or lacked the self-belief to lose weight and get fit, or if that goal just seems insurmountable, I hope you can find inspiration in Eddie. Eddie now runs those stairs in around 6 and a bit minutes, he gets up at 3am most mornings to get his 10+km run in before a huge day at work and on Anzac Day, Eddie ran in a 11+km race to support wounded and ill current and ex-serviceman, an incredibly important cause… I have rarely seen someone with such intense drive and motivation with such a hard platform to begin with. Eddie took out back to back challenges, was insanely dedicated to his training and dedication and despite all of the challenges at the start and throughout, he kept upping the intensity and never stopped believing in himself. You can imagine the amazing gift he has given his body and his family by completely changing his life. Every time I think of his journey I get goose-bumps, he has inspired many, including myself…Eddie is due to complete his first half marathon on 4th July 2015”