Jan 20

The Weight-Loss “Demon”

The Weight-Loss “Demon”

If you are trying to lose weight, chances are you are controlled by the number you are seeing on the scales. I sometimes think of scales as the “demon!”

Many people I speak to are obsessively weighing themselves every day in the hope that the number on that scale will magically fall by 2 or 3 kilograms overnight.

Although you have heard many people say it, it is imperative that you restrain yourself and, if you have to, jump on the scales once a week ONLY. Our bodies are very complicated machines and there are many influencing factors on that number on the scale.

People who are on a weight-loss journey often find that the number on the scale either won’t budge, or that it frustratingly and heart-breakingly creeps up from the day before.

If you are weighing yourself daily, there are countless factors that may see that number on the scale fluctuate by up to 2 kilograms in one day! Some of these factors are as follows:-

  • consumption of a big meal;
  • excess salt or sodium intake;
  • hormones;
  • “that time of the month”;
  • bowel movements;
  • Exercise;
  • Eating a large meal;
  • Inaccurate scales; or
  • water retention.

It is important to know that the excess number on the scale does NOT necessarily mean that you have gained body fat, but could be attributable to any one of the above factors.

Often when people are trying to lose weight, they become disheartened very easily. Weighing yourself everyday and seeing those numbers either stand still, or increase slightly, can be a real mental blow and may see someone lose heart and have a “blow-out”….

It is therefore important NOT to weigh yourself daily; but if you are intent on using the scales, cut down those weigh-ins to weekly occurrences, and start taking your measurements, as they are a more accurate indicator of your progress.

When I measure my girls to track their progress, I take their measurements and also use scales that determine body fat percentage, water content, visceral fat, metabolic age and bone mass. I only do these measurements every 4 weeks.

So although it is extremely tempting, please do yourselves a favour and limit your weigh-ins to ONCE A WEEK and start taking your measurements (waist, glutes and hips) for a more accurate indicator of your weight-loss progress.

If you would like more information on the above, please email me at exquisitefitnessbrisbane@gmail.com.

Jan 09

Post-Natal Tip For Being Active

Post-Natal Tip For Being Active

In this article, I am going to let you in on my BIGGEST tip for stay-at-home Mums………

After having my first baby, I found one of the most difficult things (aside from the obvious sleep deprivation, adjustment to the massive change in life and just generally being a landing platform for all sorts of human excretions!) was establishing a routine.

I had previously been accustomed to a very fast paced life and a professional career where my day was set out fairly consistently and I would leave the house at the same time every morning, work a long day and arrive home approximately 12 hours later….

Fast-forward to post-baby and I found myself (still very busy!) but with no set schedule for my day. I was blessed to have a very happy and undemanding baby and I found the change in pace a little unnerving at first.

I also really wanted to get back into shape (especially as I had a wedding to get ready for in less than 4 months!) but found that the lack of routine did not assist my motivation and everything seemed to feel slow-paced…..UNTIL I discovered a secret…..My most treasured post-natal tip for being active….

The VERY FIRST thing I did every morning as soon as I woke up was to get out of my pyjamas, get dressed and put my sneakers on!

YES – This is my big secret… and one I still do every single day……

You may be now wondering why this is such a big deal; but I will tell you why it was so successful….

Think back to those days when you have lounged around in your pyjamas all day and just the thought of hanging out a load of washing felt too difficult…You are not dressed to be active so your mind is telling you that it is OK to just sloth around….How many calories do you think you are burning by sitting on the couch in pyjamas and wishing you could have your old body back??

If you get dressed and, this is the key, put a pair of running shoes/joggers on as soon as you wake-up, I guarantee you will have a more active and productive day as not only do you have more bounce in your step, you are mentally ready to tackle all of your chores and you will do them at a much faster pace (and burn more calories!).

I am a HUGE fan of the importance of incidental exercise and once you put those sneakers on, you will find that you will start running up those back steps, vacuuming with vigour and perhaps even feeling motivated to strap bub into the pram and go for a nice long walk….It still works for me every day – the subconscious is an extremely powerful tool – Give your body and mind the signs that you are going to be active today……

Try it – what do you have to lose????

Dec 08

Fitness For Dads With Babysitting In Brisbane

Fitness For Dads With Babysitting In Brisbane

Fitness For Dads with Babysitting

Fitness For Dads with Babysitting

With all this talk about how to help Mums get fit while their children are minded, I realised that one very important half of the equation has been forgotten! The Dads!!

After I had my first baby, my husband and I split the days during the week; I stayed home for some of the working days, and he stayed home for the other days while I went to work.

It was a brilliant option for us as it was a great way for my husband to bond with our baby, and it also gave me the chance to get back out into the ‘real world’ for a couple of days per week.

The more I speak to other mothers, the more I realise that this is now quite a common situation and in some cases, the father is the full-time stay at home Dad while the Mum goes out to work. How brilliant that we now live in a society that not only accepts this reversal of the traditional stereotypical domestic roles, but embraces it!

So with the stay-at-home Dads increasing in numbers, isn’t it about time that they also have some access to the same fitness classes as Mums?

In some cases, Dads may have stopped a fairly physically demanding job to care for their child and may be noticing those additional kilos stacking on as they are not modifying their diet to reflect their change in circumstance. In other cases, they may find that being at home all the time has led to them constantly ‘grazing’ throughout the day with no increase in activity to counteract these additional calories. That belly seems to be expanding and the shorts are getting tighter!

At Exquisite Fitness, I realise that Dads have very similar goals and needs to Mums. It is equally important for Dads to get out into the fresh air, establish a routine and get their children out and about and playing with other children.

In fact, with the saturation of “Mums and Bubs’ activities in our society, it is extremely important that Dads do not feel isolated and that they also have the same opportunity to feel good about themselves, and have the chance to get some time-out from the constant job that is parenting.

At Exquisite Fitness, I welcome these Dads – Why shouldn’t there be Fitness for Dads with babysitting too?

So if you are a Dad in Brisbane, and you have some days during the week when you are at home with your child(ren) and you are ready to make some positive changes and increase your fitness levels, don’t wait any longer! All fitness levels will be catered to….

And let’s not forget those other extremely hard-working Dads who do go out and work every day – If you are one of those Dads, check out my Saturday classes and stay tuned for my new timetable in 2013 which will include a night class!

Call Nerida today on 0430 000 585 to book into a class – You won’t regret it!

Nov 12

Weight Loss And Fitness – No More Excuses

Weight Loss And Fitness – NO MORE EXCUSES

Stop Finding Excuses!

You want to lose weight, you want to get fit but life just keeps throwing constant obstacles in your way….After-all, how are you supposed to find the time and energy to work-out and plan nutritious and delicious meals with three little kiddies at your feet, next to no sleep and endless chores on your to-do list??

It is so easy to have good intentions, and have a plan “to start on Monday” but when it comes to the crunch, are you going to ‘walk the walk’ so to speak and grit your teeth and focus on your goals, or are you going to hit that snooze button, text your trainer to cancel and make a justification in your head as to why you just can’t get that work-out done today.

OK – Time to get real: I’m going to tell you something and you probably won’t like to hear it but it is the truth – If you are a mother of young children, you will ALWAYS be tired, you will NEVER get through your never-ending ‘to-do” list, you will ALWAYS need more time to yourself and you will ALWAYS have perfectly legitimate excuses as to why you cannot possibly work-out today.

But here is an even more confronting truth – When it is time to put those swimmers on, or those old faithful jeans, you will NOT remember how tired you were, you will NOT remember that you were up until 1am with a teething baby, you will NOT remember that you were already sore, you will NOT have received a medal for getting through one more item on your to-do list, but you WILL remember that age-old feeling of embarrassment, shame and most of all frustration at yourself for letting another year go by without reaching your goals.

As mothers, we are used to planning and multi-tasking so why is it so different when it comes to doing things for ourselves? Are you serious about your weight loss and fitness? If you want to make excuses, you will find them ~ Let’s get serious and conquer those barriers! Prioritise yourself and start to feel fit and healthy – I promise you that there is no better feeling!

At Exquisite Fitness, I have created a way for you to at least cross one excuse off your list – I provide your babysitting for you so you don’t have to worry about not having the time and opportunity to exercise and get fit.

So….What are you waiting for?? NO MORE EXCUSES!

Oct 17

Fitness For Mums With Child-minding

Fitness For Mums With Child-minding


Do you want to get fit and toned but can’t seem to find the time, energy, motivation or opportunity because you have small children and all of your time is taken up with catering to their needs?

Exquisite Fitness is here to help you!!!

At Exquisite Fitness, I provide fitness for mums with child-minding included! That’s right, for no additional cost, I will provide babysitters to look after your gorgeous children while I provide you with a fantastic and fun work-out…

I have two small children of my own and I know how difficult it is to find opportunities to not only get fit and toned, but also to find any time to do things for yourself.

I am so passionate about how important it is for your children to enjoy the outdoors, as well as for you to take time out for yourself. I myself know how difficult this can be. After having my first baby, I was able to participate in limited personal training sessions and I was lucky enough to have a very friendly and understanding trainer.  However, even this became too difficult as I tried to juggle sleeping and feeding times around booking session times and then stopping every few minutes to put a dummy back in, soothe, give a toy to play with etc etc. It soon became very difficult and I was clearly not getting the best out of every session. I couldn’t do night sessions usually as my husband worked late hours and lets face it – by the time 7.00pm rolls around, you are pretty much comatose on the couch!

Then when baby number two rolled around, I had an active toddler who wanted to play in the beautiful outdoors and I needed to get fit and in shape again – There was no real solution to cater for my situation.

I looked into the ‘mums and bubs’ type exercise groups but again, my work-out was constantly being interrupted if bub needed soothing and I was not able to keep an eye on my toddler. A creche wasn’t a solution for me as I felt it wasn’t fair on the children when we had this beautiful weather and parks to enjoy.

So…….I decided to create an opportunity for Mums to participate in fitness while their bubs were minded for them! PERFECT!

At Exquisite Fitness, I will train you in the park while my lovely babysitters mind your bubs near-by (close enough for you to see them but further enough away that they won’t distract you)……You do not need to worry if they are due for a sleep or a feed as I provide detailed information sheets you can fill out if you wish, outlining where they are up to in their routine and what they may require etc so the babysitters have an idea of what to expect.

All of the babysitters have a blue card, and most also have a current first aid and CPR certificate. I ensure that I only have babysitters who are friendly, responsible, well-experienced with dealing with multiple children and who have a great and fun attitude!

It is my firm belief that Mothers need to make time to do things for themselves so they can be a more happy, well-rested and fun Mum. By participating in an exercise session one, two or three times a week without worrying about their bubs, they will start to feel fitter, more empowered, have more confidence and be more energetic.

All of the women that come to my group sessions are so friendly and welcoming and we have developed a great little community of women.

I currently run my classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am – 10.30am at George Willmore Park in Ferny Hills. Why not come along and check it out – Your first session is free so what do you have to lose!!???

Call Nerida now on 0430 000 585 – Don’t wait any longer to get the body you want!

Oct 16

Goal Setting For Mums In Brisbane

Goal Setting For Mums In Brisbane

Make sure you have a plan to reach your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or increase your cardiovascular fitness, goal setting is extremely important as it gives you a focus when the going gets tough!

A goal can be specifically weight related, or it can be something more personal to you, such as fitting into that old favourite pair of shorts you have stashed in the back of your cupboard as a constant reminder of what you used to fit into and as a measure of where your weight currently sits.

So whatever your motives, I am going to provide you with some tips for goal setting and show you how effective proper goal setting can be.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you need to follow the “SMART” formula:

S – Specific – A specific goal allows you to focus on exactly what is needed to achieve the goal. For example: Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”, specify the number “I want to lose 5 kilograms”;

M – Measurable – Your goal needs to be measurable so you can monitor your progress – For example: “I want to be able to run 2 kilometres in under 10 minutes”

A – Achievable – Make sure it is achievable so you do not set yourself up for a fall;

R – Realistic – Along the same lines as above, make sure you evaluate whether the goal you are setting is realistic – If your goal is to lose 10 kilograms in one month then this is clearly not realistic and you will fail – this may lead to feelings of depression and resentment and set you right back;

T – Time Frame –  You need to set a deadline to achieve your goal – This will increase your intensity towards the goal. For example: “I want to lose 5 kilograms prior to my birthday in January”.

So, now that you know the formula for goal setting, sit down and write down three goals: short term (within the next month), mid-term (within the next 3 – 6 months) and long-term (within a year). Once you have written these goals down, bearing in mind the SMART principles, tape them to the front of your fridge so you can remind yourself of your goals when you are tempted by that chocolate cake, or can’t muster the energy for a work-out.

The next thing you need to do, is think of an incentive or a reward that you can have when you achieve mini-milestones and big goals. For example, “When I have lost 5 kilograms I am going to go to the shops and buy a brand new dress” or “When I can bench press 70 kilograms for 10 repetitions I am going to treat myself to a night away”.

Remember that your goals can be anything you want, as long as they are important to you. Visualising those goals that mean a lot to you is an extremely powerful tool when you are not feeling motivated. Turn your mind to that moment in January when you walk into your birthday dinner in your brand new dress looking absolutely fabulous and everyone’s jaws drop to the floor!!! These visualisations will get you through the hard times.

Tell your family what your goals are so they can help you stay on track.

Finally, make sure your goals are controllable by you – Do not set goals that can be achieved or not by the actions or influence of others. If one of your goals is to lose weight, put in place ways you are going to achieve this. Are you going to keep a food diary? Are you going to plan your meals each week so you don’t get to Wednesday with a bare fridge and be tempted to pop down the road and get take-away?

Remember: “failing to plan is planning to fail”

So this is your task for the week, set your three goals, write them down and put them on the fridge. Then put a plan into action of how you are going to achieve those goals. Look up the class timetable for your favourite exercise group and book into the classes you are going to attend, prepare your snacks for the day the night before so you can’t make bad food choices etc.

If you would like me to look over your goals, or if you would like a food or exercise diary template for the week, email me on exquisitefitnessbrisbane@gmail.com – I LOVE helping people reach their goals!!

Oct 15

Awesome Ab Work-Out for Brisbane Mums

Awesome Ab Work-Out for Brisbane Mums

Work for those Abs!

Everyone wants a great set of abs and Summer is well and truly on its way ~ This means it is almost time to put on the dreaded bikini!!

As a Mum of two young children, I understand that you do not have hours a day to lie on the floor and do repeated ab crunches – That’s why I have decided to post this quick ab work-out which will have you rocking that bikini in no time!

If you can get through this ab work-out at least three times per week you will really start to notice a difference. Don’t forget though, that you can do this routine twice a day every day and not see any definition  if you are carrying excess fat around your abdominal region (although you will have a really strong core!). So if you are needing to lose some body fat, ensure you include some cardio in your work-out too…..





Rest   (sec)


Bench Dips with Tucks 10 4 5 Using the edge of a bench, place your hands firmly onthe bench, move your butt from the bench and lowertoward the ground, using your triceps to push yourself

back up. Sit on edge of bench & pull knees in to chest.

Glute bridge with DB chest press 12 4 5 Lie on floor, holding a DB in each hand at the chest. Keep your feet flat on the ground & knees bent. Raise your glutes towards the sky while squeezing. Lower & press the DBs up into a chest press, lower &  repeat!
Bicycle crunches 15 4 60 Lie on the floor. Place your hands flat on the floor under your butt. Raise legs & alternate them in a cycling movement. Do not pull on your neck.
Lowering scissors 10 4 5 Lie flat on the floor, legs straight up above you. Lower them slowly while criss-crossing your feet over one another. Pause for 3 seconds then raise slowly still overlapping feet. That’s 1 rep! Repeat 10 times.
Med ball crunches 12 4 5 Hold med ball in between knees, lower to floor, pull upquickly and raise shoulders off the floor at the sametime. (Tuck into a ball, squeeze your abs tightly)
Side plank (30 seconds) One each side 4 60 Hold each side plank for 30 seconds each. Lift top leg.

Always remember when doing your ab work-out to keep your movements slow and controlled for optimal results.




Oct 08

Effective Workouts For Mums In Brisbane

Effective Workouts For Mums In Brisbane

You don’t need fancy equipment to get that heart-rate up and tone your body

I refer to boot-camps for Mums as “group fitness classes”, where all fitness levels are catered for, and you get a great work-out with a trainer who cares about your individual goals.

You don’t need fancy equipment!

Some of the most effective forms of exercise are utilising your own body weight and environment.

If you have a spare 20 – 30 minutes try out the following work-out I recently tested on my clients –

You will be completing:

7 exercises;

7 reps;

7 sets….

The exercises are as follows;

1. Burpees (get them out of the way first!) – Nice big jumps out and jumps up – If you are looking for a little bit more of a challenge – do 7 man-makers with light dumbbells as an alternative;

2. Reverse sit-ups – Make sure you lift those glutes high off the ground with a tiny little movement of the legs – you only want to use your lower abs to get those glutes off the ground;

3. Jump-squats – get nice and low and keep your torso nice and upright – explode up into the jump;

4. Push-ups – Challenge yourself to stay on your feet but if you are a beginner, staying on your knees is fine;

5. V-Sit-ups – keep those legs nice and straight!

6. Bicycles – Control that movement – perform each and every one nice and slowly, pull your core in and don’t forget to breathe!

7. Sprints – map out a space of about 20 metres;

Remember – 7 of each of the above and perform it 7 times – Ensure you keep your form throughout and time yourself – Aim to beat this time next time!

For more fun & creative work-outs, make sure you come and try out one of my classes at George Willmore Park, Ferny Hills held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9.30am – 10.30am.

Contact me on 0430 000 585 for more information.


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