Kids Bootcamps

We conduct bootcamps for children in the following age categories:

3-7 years;
7+ years.

During their half hour sessions, the children will learn how to do the basic moves they see Mum and Dad do, learn about the importance of technique and form and overall increase their speed, agility, endurance, confidence, core strength and balance: and to top it off, they are going to have so much fun they won’t even know they are working hard!

Whenever the kids get a chance to play in the gym after Mum or Dad have finished their workout, they have an absolute ball; showing off their skills and even the shyest child will come out of their shell as they develop their confidence through these classes.

Mum and Dad are welcome to stay and have a coffee or tea while they wait.

Classes are run from term to term and school holiday intensives are also available.

Contact us to find out more.