Dec 08

Fitness For Dads With Babysitting In Brisbane

Fitness For Dads With Babysitting In Brisbane

Fitness For Dads with Babysitting

Fitness For Dads with Babysitting

With all this talk about how to help Mums get fit while their children are minded, I realised that one very important half of the equation has been forgotten! The Dads!!

After I had my first baby, my husband and I split the days during the week; I stayed home for some of the working days, and he stayed home for the other days while I went to work.

It was a brilliant option for us as it was a great way for my husband to bond with our baby, and it also gave me the chance to get back out into the ‘real world’ for a couple of days per week.

The more I speak to other mothers, the more I realise that this is now quite a common situation and in some cases, the father is the full-time stay at home Dad while the Mum goes out to work. How brilliant that we now live in a society that not only accepts this reversal of the traditional stereotypical domestic roles, but embraces it!

So with the stay-at-home Dads increasing in numbers, isn’t it about time that they also have some access to the same fitness classes as Mums?

In some cases, Dads may have stopped a fairly physically demanding job to care for their child and may be noticing those additional kilos stacking on as they are not modifying their diet to reflect their change in circumstance. In other cases, they may find that being at home all the time has led to them constantly ‘grazing’ throughout the day with no increase in activity to counteract these additional calories. That belly seems to be expanding and the shorts are getting tighter!

At Exquisite Fitness, I realise that Dads have very similar goals and needs to Mums. It is equally important for Dads to get out into the fresh air, establish a routine and get their children out and about and playing with other children.

In fact, with the saturation of “Mums and Bubs’ activities in our society, it is extremely important that Dads do not feel isolated and that they also have the same opportunity to feel good about themselves, and have the chance to get some time-out from the constant job that is parenting.

At Exquisite Fitness, I welcome these Dads – Why shouldn’t there be Fitness for Dads with babysitting too?

So if you are a Dad in Brisbane, and you have some days during the week when you are at home with your child(ren) and you are ready to make some positive changes and¬†increase your fitness levels, don’t wait any longer! All fitness levels will be catered to….

And let’s not forget those other extremely hard-working Dads who do go out and work every day – If you are one of those Dads, check out my Saturday classes and stay tuned for my new timetable in 2013 which will include a night class!

Call Nerida today¬†on 0430 000 585 to book into a class – You won’t regret it!