Meet Our Trainers


Nerida Smith

Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness
Blue Card
First Aid qualified

I am extremely passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. I help people reach their full potential through not only their physical ability, but also unlocking the mental ‘stops’ that often see people give up on their goals.
I help to provide people with the tools to not only find the courage to start their fitness journey, but to make life long changes that will give them a whole new zest for life and find their ‘old’ selves again.
I believe that with the proper guidance and encouragement, everyone has the potential to look and feel fabulous again, and be fit and healthy inside and out.
I love conducting one-on-one sessions in my gym at home and watching people achieve things they never thought possible. I am grateful every day that my job lets me meet amazing people who have the courage and determination to change their whole lives. The boot-camps I conduct are always different, fun and challenging and full of incredible men and women.
I love that my clients are not only changing their own lives but setting examples for their loved ones and motivating them by showing off their own amazing results, and passing on their acquired knowledge.

“Stronger, Fitter, Leaner” all the way!!


Warren Braithwaite

Cert III in Fitness
Level 1 triathlon Coach
Blue Card
First Aid qualified

Warren loves conducting his personal training sessions, with particular focus on endurance, flexibility and increasing overall fitness levels.
Having done many triathlons himself, he is very experienced in providing clients with the best possible techniques for swimming, cycling and running to improve technique, speed and endurance.
Warren has worked extensively with kids and his Tearaway Tigers on Thursday afternoon absolutely love his sessions!