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Personal Training for Brisbane Mums with Babysitting if Required.

As a Mum I understand the importance of having a quality babysitter.

What does “personal training” mean to you?

If you switch these two words around, you have an idea of how Exquisite Fitness views personal training for Brisbane Mums –  “training that is personal.”

Personal ~ individualised, related to a particular person, direct relationship, your own, private.

When I conduct my group personal training for Brisbane Mums I ensure that I have created a session that is suited to the needs and goals of all the participants.

I put a lot of thought process into who will be attending my sessions, how many participants there will be, what goals these women want to achieve, how fit the women are and most importantly, I ensure I take the time to listen and ascertain what level these women are at, whether they want to be pushed that little bit harder, or whether they respond better to gentle encouragement.

I firmly believe that although these women are training in a group, they can receive individualised attention and that I can develop a direct relationship with them by going above and beyond training them for one hour.

I like to ensure that Brisbane Mums have support away from group sessions and that they feel like they have a trainer who knows what they want to achieve and has the tools to help them reach their goals.

At Exquisite Fitness Brisbane, you will be receiving training that is personal to you – it has been proven that having a personal trainer to motivate, guide, instruct, teach and sympathise is far more effective that doing it alone without support.

If you are a Mum in Brisbane, you will also have the benefit of receiving personal training without the worry of looking after your children ~ This is all organised for you as we provide babysitting if required.

All you need to have is the want for change, the desire to be a fun, fit, healthy and active Mum and Exquisite Fitness Brisbane will do the rest of the thinking for you.

So if you are looking for:-

  •  More energy;
  •  Better sleep habits;
  •  Decreased stress;
  •  Weight loss;
  •  Toning;
  •  Increased fitness;
  •  Training with other Brisbane Mums
  •  Someone that will go that extra mile (no pun intended) for you;
  •  Time out for yourself…

Then I am your personal trainer:- dedicated and passionate about helping you. This is what personal training for Brisbane Mums means to me……

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I refer to boot-camps for Mums as “group fitness classes”, where all fitness levels are catered for, and you get a great work-out with a trainer who cares about your individual goals.

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Personal Training For Mums Brisbane call 0430 000 585 to book a session.