Nerida Smith Personal TrainerWhat People are saying about Exquisite Fitness


I asked some of my clients to give me some feedback on Exquiste Fitness and this is what they had to say.


“I have always been a fairly active person and loved exercising but like most women, had let ‘life’ get in the way. Carrying a few extra kilos and having very little fitness, I went along to my first class in the park with Nerida and haven’t looked back since. Nerida’s extremely positive ‘can do’ attitude definitely rubs off and unlike fitness classes in the gym, where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, Nerida makes sure I perform at my best every single time. I love being in the sunshine, surrounded by wonderfully friendly women (and sometimes the odd man) and watching my little boy happily playing with the babysitters in the park. The addition of a second trainer in Warren, who is absolutely fantastic,  means I can easily choose a time that suits my lifestyle to train. I cannot recommend Exquisite Fitness enough.”


‘I searched the internet to try and a find an affordable bootcamp which was run in the evenings and close to home. Neridas Windsor bootcamp is perfect as I work full time and can get to the Tuesday sessions after work. I was impressed with how well each session is arranged to suit all types of fitness and strengths whilst keeping it challenging.

Nerida always motivates and makes you realise that you can in fact give it that extra ‘rep’! I have tried other boot camps in the past but Exquisite Fitness sessions are by far the most enjoyable.”


I initially attended exquisite fitness while my husband was deployed to distract myself,  meet some new people and gain some fitness.  Eighteen months later I am addicted! I have lost 10kg and completed a 42km trail run last year! !

But most importantly I survived my husbands deployment surrounded by a wonderful group of women (and some men) who are all so supportive and fun! I now know that strength comes not from your muscles but from your mind. You build up this strength by being fit and healthy and being surrounded by like minded people.

Nerida is the most supportive trainer, ensures you remain on track and encourages you to reach for dreams you never thought you could achieve.

My life is so much fuller now that I am a part of Exquisite Fitness. “


“I just wanted to say thanks to Nerida for taking me on board and for having the opportunity to train with a great bunch of girls at Exquisite Fitness, who never give up and push their limits every week. I have already noticed improvements!

I really look forward to training with you and seeing you reach your goals.”


“I love the group training sessions Exquisite Fitness runs. I have been attending one session each week for over a year, a find each varied and challenging.

Exquisite fitness also caters to your personal fitness level, and offers good advice and tips. I would highly recommend Exquisite Fitness”


“I cannot speak highly enough of Nerida’s class, her care and passion highly reflects in how she runs her sessions. Nerida helps her clients feel motivated and inspired to take care of their health and personal wellbeing. I joined Exquisite Fitness over a year ago now, I never ever imagined that I could be capable to enjoy attending a boot camp class or I had the fitness to complete a whole class without feeling like I was going to collapse in a heap or be able to run more than a few meters. Thanks to Nerida, I love coming to boot camp so much that I now go 3 times per week. I love feeling stronger, fitter & healthier each week. It is  a massive bonus that there are fantastic babysitters who takes great care of our children when we exercise and they get to enjoy themselves in the fresh air at the park.

Nerida’s always keeps her classes fresh and exciting with her new ideas, class structures and ways to challenge her clients. Nerida’s great energy reflects in her classes and her clients by making you feel like you are part of great team in your fitness journey rather than a solo experience and a lot of fun to come along to. Exquisite Fitness is a family affair for all of us now, with my partner, sister and my 3 year son (who attends Froggy kids boot camp), all enjoying the benefits of the classes.”


“The Exquisite team are 2nd to none they have assisted me to achieve more then I ever thought possible. To anyone looking to succeed in their fitness goals look no further. Thanks guys.


“When I met Nerida I was feeling very dispirited, as I hadn’t been able to exercise for a while due to baby related stuff + injury ,and I was heavier than ever and feeling like the challenges ahead were insurmountable. Nerida reassured me that it was still possible to get a GOOD challenging workout even with modifications to exercises, and through the group training and body challenges I found inspiration and support. I’m now addicted! I’ve lost nearly 10kg so far, and my goals feel achievable. I’m fitter and happier, and also addicted to exercising and eating healthily. These lifestyle changes now feel like ‘normal’ life, and I’m excited to keep pushing my fitness and get stronger and healthier still. Nerida makes training lots of fun, and helps us to push ourselves. I think she (along with all the ladies and gents in her classes) rocks!”


“Nerida’s energy, positivity, warmth and commitment to what she does and to those of us who she trains has created a culture in her sessions which is unrivaled by others in the fitness industry. She makes fitness in the outdoors a social occasion in which you are constantly trying to improve for you and her! She is truly gifted. Thanks Nerida!”


“The best things I ever did for myself was pick up that phone and ring Nerida.  She motivates, challenges and encourages me to do things I did not think were possible.  Nerida is a fabulous personal trainer as well as being a wonderful and gorgeous lady!!”


“Nerida is am amazing inspiration to so many people and has done fantastic things for the mental well being of lots of her clients as well as physical well being!.  And the kids LOVE her!! 🙂 – burpee a are no longer a punishment in our house, they love them!”


First session today and made to feel so welcome! Able to fit in a fantastic training session with kids safe and happy.


I can’t believe the change to my body and mental wellbeing since starting with Nerida at Exquisite Fitness. I started after struggling with pretty crippling anxiety and my GP recommended regular exercise to help deal with it. I had previously done nothing like Nerida’s sessions and very very rarely exercised, so was really unfit. Nerida and the rest of the group made me feel so welcome and helped to keep motivated, even on days I didn’t have bootcamp on. 10 months on, I don’t know what I would do without Exquisite Fitness. The sessions are fun, challenging and always different. It feels great to be a part of the team as well. Thank you so much Nerida for changing my life and encouraging me every day to keep working hard and keep making improvements. Thanks as well to all the Exquisite Girls too, what a great group!


I have been with Exquisite Fitness for 15 months now and love how every class is different, fun and challenging! Nerida is very informative, has great advice on exercise and nutrition and offers fitness testing & measurements every 5 weeks. I have noticed a change in my body shape and mental well being ??. Love all the great fitness buff’s I have met at my classes too!


Regards, Kellie